Join us in this year for our next series of Muscle Testing and Applied Psycho Kinesiology Workshops

Details below -Thank you attendees and exhibitors!

2024 Muscle Testing Tools  Catalog 


Contact our office to order tools, register for events or if you have any questions:

908-414-0769 office         Email us at

2024 Spring Workshop Schedule

Thank you for your support with the changes in our programs.
We have a great line up ahead of new and live Muscle Testing & Protocol Workshops based on your interest.
Look forward to seeing you this year.


 Two date options 

MARCH 2, 2024   and / or   APRIL 6, 2024

Fee:    $195 

Time: 9am-4 pm

Location: 5930 Hamilton Blvd, Ste 102, Allentown, PA

Instructor: Lisa Baas,L.Om and Team

Review the Basic and Advanced Muscle Testing Methods and Integrative Assessment Skills to create targeted protocols.

Come to practice and refresh your skills. Private Group Instruction with Certified Practitioners.

Join a Small Group of those who have already learned the basics of Muscle Testing.

This full Day Intensive “Hands on” Workshop includes both Modules 1 and 2.

Putting it all together and incorporating the APK Emotional Work skills and the use of Photo Modulation.

Open to all practitioners, coaches and patient advocates who have taken our basic Muscle Testing Workshop.

Limited to 6 practitioners for individual practice.

Tool Discounts are available to attendees. Call with questions or to order directly at DHS.


2024 Muscle Testing Practice Day Details flier

2024 Tools

Recommended Restaurants and Hotels


You Asked – We Listened.

New One Day Workshop developed to help you with your diagnostic skills. 

SUNDAY MARCH 3,2024  and / or  SUNDAY APRIL 7, 2024

Fee: $195.00

Time: 9am -4 pm,

Location: 5930 Hamilton Bldg, Ste 102, Allentown, PA

Instructor: Lisa Baas,L.Om and Team


Join our DHS Team for a day exploring techniques to unlock and address emotional blocks to healing and family systems. Learn Advanced Core Protocols used by our certified practitioners with Integrative Muscle Testing. We will work with Photons, Light and Healing Dialogues to release hidden blocks to healing. Energetic Detox Technique will also be taught.  This is the class connecting the dots to unwind and reboot the Emotion/Mind and Body connection into balance. A game changer for patients.  Muscle Testing is a pre-requisite to attendance.

Come the Day before, to practice your muscle testing skills in small groups.

Limited space for this hands-on small workshop.

Recommended Hotels, Restaurants and Food Sources

Learn more ways our certified practitioners assess patients with subtle energy medicine skills.

We are sharing our pearls with you!

It will fill quickly – Call to reserve your spot as there is no online registration.





March 2, 2024 or April 6, 2024

Practice Day Held the day before the New Diagnostics Course

Limited Class Size to 6 practitioners for individualized attention. 

You will leave confident in your skills and use of the tools. 


Friday: 9:00 am – 4:00pm

Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Fee: $195.00   

Register early to secure your spot.

Recommended Hotels & Restaurants 

Discounts apply to basic tool purchase at time of registration.

Small group instruction with our seasoned DHS Certified Team.

Location: 5930 Hamilton Blvd, Ste 102, Allentown, PA

Bring your own water bottle, snacks and lunch.

 Registration is by email or direct phone call to 908-414-0769

Space is limited. Register Today.

Glad to answer your questions -Contact us at 908-414-0769.

2024 Practice Spring Days Flier 

Consider also attending the day after for the Advanced Diagnostics Course.



SUNDAY MARCH 3, 2024  and / or  SUNDAY APRIL 7, 2024

Fee: $195.00

Time: 9am -4 pm,

Location: 5930 Hamilton Bldg, Ste 102, Allentown, PA

Instructor: Lisa Baas,L.Om and Team

Learn more ways our certified practitioners incorporate to assess patients with subtle energy medicine skills.

Fine tune and unleash your intuitive senses with patients. We are sharing our Pearls with you.

Course content: 

Learn multiple energetic diagnostic techniques including:

  • Visual and energetic diagnosis,
  • Unresolved or hidden emotional diagnosis
  • Pulse and tongue diagnosis
  • The important Subtle palpation skills.
  • Learn to detect the tendency for mental emotional imbalance before it manifests into illness.
  • Assess Emotion, organ health, and energy dynamics.
  • Bring new awareness to your muscle testing skill set.
  • Personal Practice Time one on one
  • More uses for our light tools and remedy maker.

These are noninvasive skills to feel and perceive the overall health of the body and nervous system. Learn to incorporate these subtle energy medicine techniques into your practice for better outcomes with patient satisfaction.

Put the full techniques of Muscle Testing, Emotional clearing and your innate intuition together to assess and build a personal protocol for your patients.

Consider attending the Muscle Testing Small Group practice the day prior. 

Discounts for attendees- Signal Enhancers including the Slide Enhancer and the Laser Detox Enhancer,

 Slide Sets, Manuals, Charts and DVD’s are also available for purchase at DHS.- Call with questions.

Contact us for list of tools available.

We can guide you on the essentials.

Register Early – Limited to 9 attendees.    Call to register and hold you spot.

Please bring your own water, snacks  and a bagged lunch.

Also bring your Muscle Testing Basic Tools, Remedy Maker, Lights, Charts

Recommended Hotels and Restaurants


Contact Debbie Floyd for details. Glad to guide you.

Call   908-414-0769




Our 2023 Muscle Testing and Emotional Clearing workshops were Full – with attendees from South Korea, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Virginia, and Georgia !

Thank you for participating and Thank you Professional Health Products for Exhibiting and Supporting our Workshops.

Steve Curtis-PHP  

Looking to find a DHS Certified Practitioner?

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Module 3 Applied Psycho Kinesiology and Advanced Core Protocols